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Referral Case Manager Demo


Benefits For the Referral Service

Referral service staff spend a great deal of time generating paperwork that members must complete. Referral Case Manager (RCM) is designed to free staff time and costs associated with that paperwork cycle.

Referral Case Manager will:

  • Decrease costs by reducing the amount spent on postage, paper, copying and file storage
  • Increase efficiency in handling case data/information/records
  • Improve the likelihood of the referral service receiving appropriate fees from members
  • Enable members to post case data into the system and eliminate the need to mail, fax or e-mail several reports
  • Allow referral service staff members to have easy access to delinquent or inactive members
  • Allow for online case fee payments and dues payments from referral members
  • Allow online service member renewal

Benefits for the Referral Service Members

The shift to the use of advanced technology among referral members is apparent and rapid. Referral Case Manager allows referral services and their constituents to move to a paperless system.

Referral Case Manager will:

  • Allow access in order to view and update the referral member's contact information
  • Provide the referral members the ability to pay case percentage fees to the referral service on-line
  • Provide for payment of referral membership dues on-line
  • Offer immediate access to referral information, i.e. Was this client referred by the referral service? What open cases do I have? How much have I paid the referral service to date?